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Moringa Powder and Digestion

Do you feel bloated after a meal, digestion issues, have reoccurring acne (especially around the jawline), mood swings, brain fog, chronic fatigue, or eczema? You may have leaky gut syndrome. Keep reading until the end of the article how moringa can help your digestion. Leaky Gut... Read More

Back to School Snack Ideas

The holidays are over, school has started and the air has become significantly cooler overnight! Are you ready for another school year?  As much as I love summer I am excited to get back into a regular routine: eating, exercising, and getting organized for the next... Read More

Valentine’s Day Recipe Round-Up

  Trying to think of what to make on the day of love? Try these recipes!     Cleanse your liver first thing in the morning with juice! This way your body can absorb all the nutrients quickly without having to go through the extensive digestion... Read More

What I Ate Wednesday (05.18.2016)

Here’s a little insight to what I eat in a day. It changes from day to day and of course I indulge in sweets once in while. Everything in moderation right?! I eat healthy to nourish my body with nutrients. After a couple days of falling... Read More

Ways to Beat the Mid Afternoon Slump + Snack Ideas

We’ve all been there, it’s late in the afternoon and we have zero energy left for the workday. Do you find yourself reaching for that quick energy fix candy or coffee in the afternoon? Try these simple nutrition and lifestyle tips to avoid the afternoon slump that will keep... Read More

10 Solutions to Kick Sugar Cravings

Do you find yourself craving sweets or carbohydrate rich foods? Are you irritable, tired, lacking motivation, have brain fog or reoccuring acne? This may be due to over consumption of sugar. Even if you don’t eat cookies or candy, you still be consuming sugar since it goes by... Read More

Happy National Nacho Day!

Today is National Nacho Day!! Make it healthy with Apple Nachos with Peanut Butter Chocolate Dip! This is great for an after school snack for the kids! DID YOU KNOW soaking or dipping apple slices in salt or lemon juice will slow them from turning brown? The Science:... Read More

My Top 8 Superfoods

What is a “Superfood”? A superfood is a whole raw food that is jam packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. They are foods that contain proportionally higher quantities of nutrients and antioxidants. Superfoods assist in the prevention of disease and premature aging and work to... Read More

Tropical Envy Smoothie (raw, vegan)

If you haven’t check out my Healthy Treats the Nutritionista Eats: Volume 1, from now until January 21, 2015 use the coupon code nutri2015 and save 20%!  CLICK HERE .This ebook is equipped with 25 recipes including raw, paleo, vegan, gluten free and protein packed options. Last... Read More

Strawberry-Apple-Cucumber Juice (raw, vegan)

              Strawberry Apple Cucumber Juice Juicing is a simple and straight-forward way of consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables in an efficient, and enjoyable way.  Some days it’s even difficult for me to acquire all my vegetables and fruits, so... Read More

Probiotics and Why they are Beneficial for your Gut

What are Probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms that enhance the health promoting microbial flora in the intestine. They are vital for a healthy immune system, protect against disease causing microorganisms, and aid in both digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.   What are the benefits... Read More