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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and many nutritious foods can be bought at low costs. Below are some budget tips to reduce spending while maximizing your health.


Search for printable coupons online- plenty of companies offer coupons for their products. Search these websites to print off coupons:



Buy seasonal- living in the Okanagan we have access to plenty of fruit and vegetables in the summer. Buy in large quantities and freeze remaining for winter months.



Meal plan weekly and plan meals around sales- take a look at the weekly flyer and plan your meals around deals, this will cut down on cost and waste. It will also help keep your fridge organized.



Use less expensive cuts of meat- bone in, skin on, and tougher cuts- marinade and slow cook to tenderize meats.



Embrace beans, legumes and grains- source vegetarian options- Use in casseroles and crockpot meals, then freeze for later meals. For chili- mix ½ and ½ beans and meat to cut down on costs.



Try ethnic foods- like Mexican, Indian etc.- they use less expensive ingredients like rice and beans, which can be bought in large quantities in the bulk bins.



Reuse leftovers- this way you won’t be eating the same meal over and over- use chicken bones for soup stock, meat for pot pies, or sandwiches the next day.

Turkey Quinoa Vegetable Soup


Go to farmers markets at the end of the day- less selection, although vendors may want to get rid of their stock and offer better deals.



Limit eating out, including coffee & sugary drinks- if eating out, bring home half for another meal. Making your own lunches is a great way to cut back on spending.



Makes your own granola bars, muffins, cookies etc.- by using healthy natural ingredients, you will be avoiding processed oils and added sugars.


Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars


Be conscious of where you shop- some stores mark ups are higher than others.

Urban Harvest- every Saturday 9:00AM-1:00PM they sell off unsold items from their delivery program that week- Crowley Ave.

Springfield Bulk Foods- every Tuesday and Thursday they offer 20% off all bulk items.

Superstore & Independent Grocer- very reasonably priced items with natural foods aisles.

Local farms- seasonal

Function Junction- Hwy 33

Hill Crest Farm Market- Hwy 33

Don-O-Ray- Benvoulin Rd.

Pioneer Country Market- Benvoulin Rd.

Old Meadows Organic Farm- Gordon Dr.

Arlo’s Honey Farm- Bedford Lane

Carmelis Goat Cheese Farm-Timberline Rd.

and more.