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Coconut Pancakes with Triple Berry Compote and Coconut Cream


Sunday mornings are when I have time to relax and make one of my favourite breakfasts, pancakes! Pancake recipes are versatile and are easy to change ingredients to fit your specific dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free).


gluten free coconut berry pancakes | Verity Nutrition IMG_7107


Some gluten free flours can leave a gritty texture or an unappealing aftertaste so I like to use oat flour, as it has a similar consistency to regular wheat flour. The easiest way to make oat flour is to grind oats in your food processor or blender. Source certified gluten-free oats like Bob’s Red Mill, to avoid cross-contamination of gluten containing grains.


gluten free coconut berry pancakes | Verity Nutrition IMG_7115


Gluten is what holds the flour together when baking, essentially it’s the ‘glue’. Gluten-free grains don’t have this ‘glue’ therefore you have to add it to your baking. A teaspoon of xantham gum, ground flax seeds, ground chia seeds, or eggs are great binders to any recipe.


gluten free coconut berry pancakes | Verity Nutrition IMG_7117


 The creaminess from the coconut cream adds a decadent touch combined with the triple berry compote. It tastes so delicious, you wouldn’t think this would be a healthy breakfast meal!