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Confetti Vanilla Protein Pancakes


What are we celebrating? Life! Whether it be getting engaged, having a baby, or just simply waking up refreshed, that’s worth celebrating. I added a few sprinkles in these vanilla protein pancakes to make them vibrant with colour!



Sufficient protein in your diet helps stabilize blood sugar and keeps your hunger at bay. Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass, especially for gym-goers and powerlifters. If you prefer to exclude meat from your diet or have a vegan lifestyle, a protein powder supplement is recommended.


confetti protein pancakes verity nutrition Renee Altman



What type of protein powder is best? Whey or vegan? Well, it depends on the quality.

Whey: derived from cow dairy. Those who can tolerate dairy, whey blends and tastes better (in my opinion). Choose grass-fed sourced whey like Genuine Health, New Zealand Whey, Lorna Vanderhaugh. Grass-fed cows have access to pasture and an abundance of nutrients in the grass including CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a cancer-fighting antioxidant. 


Vegan: Those who have trouble digesting dairy source I recommend a vegan alternative. Vegan protein can be derived from hemp seed, pumpkin seed, pea, rice, and other grains. Popular brands include Vega, Genuine Health, Iron Vegan, and Powerplant Whole Foods. Genuine Health has a fermented variety and Iron Vegan produces a sprouted protein. Both of these concepts of fermenting and sprouting allow all the nutrients to be bio-available, meaning you will absorb all of the protein provided in the powder with ease and no digestive upset.


confetti protein pancakes verity nutrition Renee Altman


I created these pancakes with Fermented Vanilla Greek Yogurt protein powder from Genuine Health. I find whey protein powder makes pancakes flufflier too.