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Vegan Spelt Protein Pancakes

The trick with vegan pancakes is patience. Since there are no eggs to bind the dough together, it takes a little longer to cook than regular pancakes but it’s well worth the wait! Superfoods in this recipe like maca powder and hemp seeds are powerhouses rich in nutrients.  Check out my blog on my top 8 superfoods on which ones I recommend and try and incorporate every day,

Protein can be lacking in a vegan diet, so sometimes it’s necessary to supplement. I used Garden of Life Vegan protein powder in this recipe but any other vegan protein powder will do. If you can tolerate dairy and don’t live a vegan lifestyle, source grass fed non-GMO whey protein powder. 




This recipe is designed for one person but simply double or triple the recipe if needed. I topped these delicious pancakes with almond butter sauce, chopped strawberries and hemp seeds.