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What I Ate Wednesday (05.18.2016)

Here’s a little insight to what I eat in a day. It changes from day to day and of course I indulge in sweets once in while. Everything in moderation right?! I eat healthy to nourish my body with nutrients. After a couple days of falling of my regular eating plan I feel tired, groggy, irritable and moody, nobody wants to see this side of me haha! So this is why I try to stick to a healthy lifestyle and fuel my body with alive, natural and whole foods. 


This morning I started with chocolate goji berry chia pudding. I made this last night so it was quick and ready to go this morning. Delicious chocolate with antioxidant rich goji berries and packed with omega 3 fatty acids from the chia seeds. 


chocolate goji chia pudding


If I have something sweeter for breakfast, like chia pudding or oatmeal, I like to have a savoury snack. For my mid morning snack I had basil hummus with vegetables. The hummus is a good source of fibre and protein, keeping you satiated and blood sugars level until your next meal. 




For lunch I usually make a salad or have leftovers from dinner the night before. This random salad contains kidney beans, beet greens, shredded carrots, goat cheese, hemp seeds, and red cabbage. For a dressing I mixed raw apple cider vinegar with olive oil and various seasonings. 




Mid afternoon snack I had fresh blackberries and raspberries and one of my favourite protein bars by Powerplant Whole Foods.





Mmm soo good! Bonus when you get some vegetables in with it too!

Fresh berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, make sure to eat them daily!




For a pre-soccer snack I had dried fruit. I usually don’t recommend dried fruit due to the high sugar content, unless you’re going to use it for energy. I ate half the pouch and the remaining at half time. There’s a lot of running in soccer or in any sports and you need to refuel your muscles. I’ve learned this the hard way, running a whole game (75 minutes) and having my muscles cramp up or have no juice left to run. Food is fuel!




I returned home late from soccer so black beans are quick and easy to make. I added pesto, basil, parsley and roasted red pepper for a quick meal.  Also not photographed, 1 slice of gluten free toast with almond butter and jam as my meal cooked. I was too hungry to take a photo!






There you have it! A full day of eating. Check back for more WIAW posts, every other Wednesday!